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Safety is an essential part of our company; minimizing risks to drivers and those we serve are always a priority. Established in 2020, DOT Trucking Solutions Company knows what companies are up against for overall security, paperwork management, DOT compliance services, time-sensitive tasks, etc. DOT Trucking Solutions' safety standards help keep drivers and their trucks safe. Being critical to your work operations, we understand how fast your DOT compliance can slip over the cracks. But whether you are a trucking contractor or the manager or owner of a trucking fleet, you must have the guarantee that your fleet stays within the DOT compliance standards to prevent being put out of commission.

Our Latest Services

Driver Qualification & Hiring

Driver Qualification files keep documents and records that guarantee the employee meet the health..

Hours of Service (HOS)

DOT regulates the number of hours a driver may drive per day and the total number of hours they...

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

The DOT provides the rules that workers who work under a particular DOT agency must stick to them.

Our Mission

DOT Trucking Solutions' mission is to deliver a safe, efficient, and innovative transport system building the business through appreciation and respect for the industries we serve. With all the services we provide, we aim to be proactive, urgent, available, and accurate.

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